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Bring Your Candidate Database Back to Life

Meet Helena, created by Woo : The Virtual Recruiting Assistant that engages with your passive candidates bringing them back to life.

The technology works 24/7 creating long term relationships with candidates in your existing database, refreshing their profiles and matching them with current opportunities at high volumes

Boost Your Agency Performance




Increase your total number of qualified leads by 3 fold, solely from your existing database (for free!)

78% of candidates stay engaged 3 years after their first contact with the agency

30% increase in productivity, with more time for higher value activities

The Virtual Sourcer That Works 24/7

Helena was created and trained by a team of top recruiters and data scientists over a 3 year period. Helena seamlessly joins your team with no training required and will have recruiters fighting over the candidates sourced!

Automatically establishes ongoing relationships with all your candidates  

Encourages past candidates to refresh their profile regularly

Brings you qualified candidates who show interest in a position

Enhances your brand perception with a fully white-labeled solution

Improve Your Bottom Line

Helena taps into your past candidate inventory, creating ongoing relationships that result in increased candidate lifetime value

Generate more placements and revenue from your existing database  

Lower your candidate acquisition costs

Increase your productivity with more time for higher value activities

How it Works

1. Helena Engages with past candidates

Through ongoing engagement, Helena ensures past candidates update their career progress and their preferences. 

2. Candidates Get Sent Opportunities

Helena approaches candidates via email with relevant opportunities that they are qualified 

for and that meet their preferences. 

3. Candidates Review the Opportunity

At a glance candidates can quickly view the opportunity and decide if they are interested 

in the role or not.

4. Helena Refers Candidates to Recruiters

Helena reaches out via email to recruiters in your team with qualified candidates that express interest in the opportunity.

Drive a higher return from your candidate database